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Customer Service

Customer service is our focus at Textbook Brokers! The reason is because it sets us apart. We know which books you need, and we pull them for you. What more could you want?

Ordering Online

We understand going to an actual bookstore isn't for everyone. Avoid the crowds: order online! You can simply place your order online and we will ship it to you. Or, if you want to pick your order up in store, place your order and select in-store pickup to grab it from us -- with no extra charge!

Returns or Refund Policy

Final refund date for Summer 1 books is 6/4/2021 and Summer 2 books is 7/9/2021.

Books must be in same condition as purchased. Books may only be returned for approved reasons such as switching or dropping classes. A drop slip may be required. All returns subject to management approval. There will be a $40.00 charge for returned checks. Special orders will be re-shelved if not picked up within 15 days.  Clothing/gift returns allowed within 30 days of purchase with receipt. Exchange only with no receipt.

Shipping Policies

Textbook Brokers has an entire team of shippers dedicated to making sure your books are carefully packaged and sent to you. Plus, we take care of ALL shipping costs over $20. That's right, shipping is FREE for orders more than $20! For in-store pickup, they're ready immediately!

Pay Later/Financial Aid/Deferred Payment Option

Waiting on Financial Aid? Waiting on your next pay check? Pay Later is an easy and flexible payment option if you're waiting on your funds or financial aid. Select this payment method and we won't charge you for your purchase until June 11th! Enter the credit card you want us to charge on June 11th, and get your materials now!

Express Dollars/Book Money

This payment option allows you to get your books now and have us charge it to your express dollars/book money account. You are responsible for making sure the money is in your account through the 2nd week of class. If your money does not make it into your account, the card information you enter will be run on the deferment date. *In the box below, enter your student id number/express id number and a credit card number and expiration date. *If not done properly, we will have to call and reconfirm the number which could delay shipment. By entering your credit card information, you are agreeing to our deferred payment agreement, which can be found on our “Rent Now, Pay Later” page.


If your concerns weren't addressed in this section, feel free to LIVECHAT, call us at (870) 935-2325, or email us at!